Annapurna Base Camp - A Must Do Trek

Annapurna Base Camp - A Must Do Trek

Nepal is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. It is popular for its hospitality, rich culture, food, beautiful mountain peaks and trekking acts. Thousands of people across the world visit Nepal to explore its serenity and untouched natural beauty. Annapurna trek is one of the hundreds of popular activities within the mountain ranges of Nepal.

Annapurna Base Camp is among the 10th highest mountains in the world, which is 37 km away from Pokhara and 115 km away from Nayapul.

Known for its beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green landscapes, meadows and wildflowers, Annapurna Base Camp is at an altitude of 4130 meters and is counted as one of the most difficult treks in the world.

Annapurna Base Camp is the major highlight in an avid trekker’s career. On the trails, you will witness the beauty of Nepal and once reaching the summit, you will be surprised by the jaw-dropping sceneries.


Region - Nepal

Basepoint -
Pokhra and Nayapul
Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp - 37 km
Nayapul to Annapurna Base Camp- 115 km

Maximum Altitude - 4,130 m (13,550 feet)
The distance of the trek - 115 km
Days taken to the trek - 12 to 15 days

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of Annapurna Base Camp is from moderate to difficult. The trek is 115 km long and can be covered in 12 to 15 days. What makes the trek difficult is- uncertain climate conditions and unpredictable weather; which result in land sliding, heavy rainfall, snowfall etc.

Annapurna Base Camp isn’t advisable for first-time trekkers. An experienced trekker can enjoy the difficulty and beauty of this surreal trek. The trek requires some physical work. If you can daily walk 12 to 15 km in the plains and can think of surviving in low temperatures ( minus 5 degrees at night), you can do this trek.

Best time to do Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp will be delighted to welcome you whenever you want to go there. But it would be best to avoid the trek during monsoon (July to September) and winter( November to February).

Pre Monsoon (March to June) and Post Monsoon (Late September to Early November) time are considered the ideal time for the trek.

How to get there

Nepal- Kathmandu-Nayapul- Pokhara- Annapurna Base Camp.
Pokhara and Nayapul are the base point of the Annapurna Base Camp.
Distance between Pokhara and Annapurna Base Camp- 37 km
Distance between Nayapul and Annapurna Base Camp- 115 km

Pokhara is a hill station some 40-50 km away from Nayapul, and a base camp of Annapurna trek. Nayapul is 166 km away from Kathmandu. Many trekkers start their trek from Nayapul as well. Both Pokhara and Nayapul are the tourist hub having something for every tourist. These small towns have beautiful views, lively markets, handicraft items, etc.

To reach to Nayapul, you need to take a ride from Kathmandu, which is well connected with all the major cities of India, by Air, Train and Road. To reach Pokhara from Nayapul, you can either take a local bus or hire a taxi.

Things to carry

  • Hiking shoes- Water-resistant

  • Sneakers and Slippers- As an extra

  • Socks and Gloves(2-3 pair)

  • Winter jacket and Hiking pants- warm and comfortable

  • Gears- tent and sleeping bag

  • Backpack- with all necessary belongings

  • Munching items and Water bottles

  • Plastic bag- To keep the wastage and store your dirty laundry

  • Camera- To capture the beauty of the Annapurna Base Camp

  • Powerbank

  • Flashlight with extra batteries

  • First aid kit (including band-aids), hand wipes, body wipes

  • Cash- it’s most important, as you won’t get any ATM on the hill


  • Don’t make fun of the local traditions and cultures

  • Follow your team leader’s instructions if you are travelling as a group

  • If you’re travelling solo, be alert all the time. And whenever you get phone signal, call your family and inform your whereabouts

  • Don’t walk on an unknown path. You might get lost and couldn’t find the way back

  • The trek takes place through eco-friendly zones, do not encourage litter. Keep the waste in your bag and take it back with you

  • Alcohol and smoking are not advisable.

  • Please ensure that you are carrying a first aid kit.

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