Dholpur Tour Packages

dholpur tour packages

Shergarh Fort

Shergarh Fort is known for its ancient Jain and Brahmanical temples. The place is located beside the Parban river in the Atru Tehsil of Baran. Visitors can see a stone statue called Koshvardhan dating back to 790 AD in the fort.


It is here where Daulat Rao Scindia was defeated at the hands of Lord Lake. The oldest Mughal garden, built by Babur was discovered at Jhor, the grandeur of which is still reflected in by its ruins. Damoh Waterfall and Kanpur Mahal are some of the places not to be missed.

Taxi for Udaipur To Dholpur
Taxi for Udaipur To Dholpur

The Khanpur Mahal

Khanpur Mahal was an urge home for Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The beautiful structures of Khanpur Mahal are the major attractions which mesmerize the visitors.

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